FLCT is pleased to present our Action Steps for EQUITY and BELONGING: A WORKING PLAN

Last year, as the world heard the cries for racial justice and the calls for equity in the wake of continued violence and tragedy, FLCT joined the chorus of voices committed to doing the work of anti-racism and affirming the need for transformative, profound change in our organizations, our communities, our nation, and the world.

A variety of steps were taken, including implementing comprehensive and ongoing anti-racism training for the staff and Board of Trustees, participation in industry round tables, and the formation of a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Task Force. The Task Force was created to analyze and assess the organization in order to develop a concrete action plan, and help continue FLCT’s commitment that each student, family member, staff, volunteer and Board member feels welcomed, included, represented, and celebrated. The entire FLCT community was invited to participate in the efforts.

Today we are pleased to share FLCT’s Action Steps for EQUITY and BELONGING: A WORKING PLAN, developed by the Task Force after a thoughtful, deliberative, and comprehensive process. It is a living document, intended to provide both philosophical guidance and specific policies in order to serve, reflect, and respect our diverse community, and will be revisited and amended on an ongoing basis.

For the complete Plan along with Task Force bios CLICK HERE.


Much of FLCT’s outreach programming occurs in partnership with other social service and cultural organizations, local businesses, and schools. Programs reach out to people who might not otherwise be able to participate in class or production offerings, and often serve a specific need or address a social or cultural concern. FLCT frequently develops custom programming for community partners. Recent examples include facilitating a hospice camp for children who experienced the death of a parent through CARE Vitas, and creating and facilitating workshops for the City of Coral Springs on cultural competence, discrimination and acceptance.

FLCT students often perform throughout South Florida at festivals, special events and private functions in partnership with many other organizations.

FLCT staff members also provide educational and professional development workshops for classroom teachers in arts-infusion across the academic curriculum, with a current focus on reading readiness and closing educational gaps in preschool.


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